Locally made Elderberry syrup and other amazing items

Order Elderberry Syrup

There are two ways to order Abby’s elderberry syrups.  We have three varieties – original, infant friendly maple syrup, and low honey.  We can also custom make an order if you are willing to take 2 or more 16 ounce bottles.

Syrup comes in 8 ounce bottles ($12 regular price, $11 subscribe and save) and 16 ounce ($22 regular price, $20 subscribe and save).

We will also have elderberry tincture available in early October.

If you need to know more about the different types of syrup, please visit our Elderberry Syrup options page.

If you want to subscribe and save and get a steady supply of elderberry syrup during cold and flu season, use this order form.

If you just want to order a single bottle, you can order it here.