Caleb’s Elderberry Critters (currently available for local pickup only in Kentucky!)


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How can you make something as amazing as Abby’s elderberry even better?

Mix it was grass-fed beef gelatin, some delicious fruit juices, and viola!

Caleb’s Elderberry Critters!

Lions and penguins and bears (and frogs and monkeys) oh my!

These are an easy way to get a massive 2 for 1 wellness boost.

Each bag contains approximately 60 to 70 gummies, enough for two weeks of elderberry goodness!

Ingredients – Abby’s Elderberry syrup, organic lemon juice, tart cherry juice, grass-fed beef gelatin, malic acid.

Shelf life currently is about four weeks from make date, IF keep int he coldest part of your refrigerator.  You can freeze them to make them last longer (though be careful when dethawing)!

Only available late September through late April currently for shipping- available locally year round!



Weight 8 oz
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