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Frequently Asked Question!

Elderberry is primarily a food.  Some think of it as a medicine, but for thousands of years people consumed it every day.  We recommend a teaspoon to a tablespoon or more per day.

This is something that only testing can answer for sure, but some basic estimates put our product at around 400-500 mg per teaspoon! That’s a lot of elderberry in a little space!  Each bottle contains the equivalent of more than half a pound of fresh berries!

In the late summer and early fall, we make a limited run of syrup with berries from our American (canadensis) elderberry that grow on our farm. 

The rest of the year, we use certified organic European (nigra) elderberries.

For the honey version, it should keep for 8-12 weeks in the coldest part of your fridge.

The glycerin syrup should last for 6-8 months refrigerated.
Note both will last longer if you don’t fall to temptation and drink straight from the bottle! 

Elderberry is both a traditional food and a traditional and modern supporter of wellness and the immune system.  It has a long history of benefits, and is even classified as a super fruit!

The list is almost endless.   Add it to yogurt.  Use it as a marinade or glaze for meats.  Add some gelatin and make gummies or a few other ingredients and make elderberry Popsicles. 

Traditional cookbooks have everything from elderberry soup to pancake syrups, so don’t be shy to experiment with this amazing food!

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